We serve the community of Leucadia

Keep in mind, Leucadia, that  a clean home won’t diminish any of your funkiness.  A well maintained, clean home lets your funkiness shine.  And letting us clean your windows and pressure wash your home, patios and walkways enhances your funkiness.

You have to love a place that chooses “Keep Leucadia Funky” as their town slogan.  Although some plans are in the works to de-funk Leucadia somewhat.  Let’s hope Leucadia will retain most of it’s funkiness, even though the streets and walkways will be improved.

Leucadia is probably the smallest of all the North County communities.  Lots of old mixed in with the new.  Many big lots with small houses built in the 50’s. Having a few avocado trees in your yard, planted back in the good old days, is quite common.  It is nice to see remodeled homes incorporate the rustic Leucadian spirit in the design of their new home.

Our service area includes the following Leucadia  zip codes: 92024

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